Car Elevator

Stable carrying, carry the tripod supremely calm

AOLIDA Car?elevator fully taking into account the large volume, heavy duty automotive products, high efficiency helical gear traction machine and AC variable speed drive system control, stable steel structure statically indeterminate system that can withstand car out partial load tremendous force and impact caused the car to ensure the safety of the fundamental; to meet the needs of different-storey car park for logistics centers, industrial transportation, large garage, auto 4S shops and other places.

1, Two car operation panels can be set in the car cabin, the driver can
operate the elevator even he doesn’ t get off his car.
2, Special circuit control and display system is convenient not only for the?driver in elevator cabin but also for the driver waiting outside the elevator.
3, Safety guide device can be set in the elevator car platform, which make?sure the elevator and the car is safe.
4, The elevator cabin can have two entrances, which guaranteed the
safety of the car while passing in and out.

Car Decoration

Car ceiling: Paint steel
Ventilating mode: Round fan
Illumination: LED light
Car wall, car door: Paint steel
C.O.P:Hairline stainless steel
Car floor: Checked steel plate
Open the door: carve double fold
Sill: Iron